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A mead made with fruit. The fruit may be expressed in the aroma, the taste and the color of the mead in widely varying degrees. Honey should be expressed in aroma and flavor. There should be a appealing but not necessarily equal balance between the honey and the fruit character in both the aroma and taste.


Fermented honey with dragon fruit flesh

Dragon fruit is also known as the red piyata, thang loy, dragon pearl fruit, strawberry pear, cactus fruit, and, in the case of Selenicereus, yellow pitaya

Any sweet fruit can be made into wine. If the fruit is not sweet enough, we add honey to adjust the sweetness


Health Properties: Dragon fruits are generally an excellent source of dietary fiber; therefore normal intake might help prevent bowel problems, increase your digestive health as well as assist you to shed extra pounds.


12 % Alc. Volume

Dragon Fruit