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A mead made with fruit. The fruit may be expressed in the aroma, the taste and the color of the mead in widely varying degrees. Honey should be expressed in aroma and flavor. There should be a appealing but not necessarily equal balance between the honey and the fruit character in both the aroma and taste.


Fermented with honey and ripe mangoes

Mango is one of the most popular tropical fruits around the world. In the Philippines, mango ranks third after banana and pineapple in the export trade.


Health Properties: It is a magnificent resource of vitamins. There are vitamin A and its derivatives, vitamin B, C, E and derivatives of all these present in miniscule amount. Delicate mango wine is good for your stomach too; it has active enzymes that aid in digestion.They is also good as an anti-diabetic therapy.


12 % Alc. Volume in 375 ml., 200 ml.