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A mead made with fruit. The fruit may be expressed in the aroma, the taste and the color of the mead in widely varying degrees. Honey should be expressed in aroma and flavor. There should be a appealing but not necessarily equal balance between the honey and the fruit character in both the aroma and taste.


Dielles Wild Berry is the all-time favorite Melomel


Also known as Bignay, Philippines local berries harvested and purchase in the month of May-July


Health Properties: The most interesting thing is that drinking bignay wine is said to reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease due to its antioxidant properties. It was also reported that it can reduce cancer cells . Dr. Erlinda Dizon from Food Science Cluster of the UP College of Agriculture advised to drink red wine during meal times beacause it can aid in the digestion of food


12 % Alc. Volume 

Wild Berry (Bignay)